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This section provides more specific information about your block. Simply click on the name of your block to see the information.

We have included information from the Council's Stock Condition Survey of 2001. One aim of this survey was to work out how much needed to be spent on repairs that had been neglected over the years, and then what would need to be spent over the next 30 years to bring all the properties up to what was believed to be the Decent Homes Standard, and then keep them there.

Decent Homes Standard

When the Council carried out their survey, the standards had not been defined. It has now (Oct 2004) been defined by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM). Unfortunately the standards that the ODPM finally defined are so vague they can be made to mean almost anything.

Making sure we get what we want

This makes it even more important that we work very intensively with THCH to ensure that what we will be getting (assuming that we accept their offer) is specified in a way that can be measured and tested, and represents what we think adds up to decent homes.

Leaseholders should note that the figures quoted in the 2001 survey include the costs of internal renovations which they would neither get, nor be charged for. (However leaseholders can choose to pay to have their kitchens and bathrooms replaced/renovated if they wish. Due to the economies of scale involved, the costs to leaseholders could be significantly lower than if they were to pay external contractors or a commercial bathroom or kitchen fitter.)

Building costs change

Everyone should be aware that building costs have been greater than the rate of inflation since 2001, and also that the Council may have carried out some or all of the backlog and made some of the improvements.


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