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Have Your Say

This section of the website is designed give you the chance to let us know what you want, for example how do you want to be managed or what refurbishments you think are necessary, to comment on samples and drafts of the offer document, and to discuss any other issues.

What's the point?

Changing landlords is a big step, and it is likely to lead to big bills for many leaseholders, and disruption for all residents.

The Estate Steering Group (ESG) is made up of residents and we understand that it's difficult to feel positive and believe the promises, when we've been let down by the Council on many an occaision. 

We need things to change

The ESG is not the poodle of any side - we're on the side of the residents because we are residents. We are out to ensure that there is a real break with the past, ensure that the Estate is improved and, once improved, kept that way. This will be achieved through putting together a business plan based on sound financial planning and specific, measurable and binding agreements with our needs at the centre of it.

Mansford Forums

Post your point of view and/or questions using the estate forums, and receive answers.

How to use the forums

Everyone can read the questions and answers, but if you want to contribute yourself, you need to register and then log in.

Using the forums, you can also email the ESG, LBTH, THCH and First Call directly, as well as posting to the lists for everyone to see. These, too can be searched.

If you need more forums, or if you think all residents should be entitled to post anwers and make comments, let us know using our online form 

Draft Offer Documents

Drafts of the Offer Documents are posted here, in a form which divides them up so that it is easy to comment on them.

By commenting, you can directly affect the offer - we will take all comments into account when rewriting the documents.

Although everyone can see the comments, you need to register with the site and log on before you can comment yourself.

We very much encourage you to do so.



Mansford Forums:

Tenants Offer Document
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