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Offer Document Drafts for Comments

How to make comments

Before you can comment, you need to register with the site, and then log in using the username and password you defined.

Comments are displayed individually, with the most recent at the top.

When commenting, please indicate the draft you are commenting on.

We will censor comments only if they are defamatory or irrelevant.

What is a draft offer document?

Each draft represents a stage towards finalising the Offer Document.

The offer document itself forms the basis of the contract between the Registered Social Landord (THCH) and the tenants of the estate, on the basis of which they vote regarding transfer.

It defines how the estate will be improved, and how it will be managed for the next 30 years at least, if the vote to transfer to THCH is positive.

So if you comment NOW you can help determoine the future of the estate for the next 30 years. If you wait till later, you just get to vote on what others decided.

The finalised offer document in a much posher form will be sent to all tenants eventually.

Thia offer document is specifically directed at tenants, not leaseholders. There will be a similar document for leaseholders, and any comments leaseholders make on this one will be considered when drawing up the document for leaseholders.

Although the document appears to be written by LBTH, it is actually prepared by THCH in consultation with the estate steering group, and YOU, if you comment here, or directly to THCH or the ESG.

Be aware that the documents are drafts, placed here for comments. They are not the final document.  It is certain that the offer document will  will go through several revisions before it is finanlised.

The titles of the various sections may have been abbreviated to enable them to fit in the space available to the menus.

General Comments on the Drafts

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