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About "Housing Choice"

What is "Housing Choice"?

Housing Choice is the term used to describe the process which is managing the potential transfer of Tower Hamlets Council's housing estates to housing associations also known as registered social landlords (RSLs).

The process is co-ordinated by Estate Steering Groups (ESG). Find out more about the Mansford Estate Steering Group.

When did it all start?

In summer 2001 Tower Hamlets Council launched Housing Choice, its biggest ever consultation with tenants. They did so, because, for reasons beyond their control, they do not have the money they need to repair and maintain council homes.

Why do estates need more money?Where can we find funding?

Unlike councils, social landlords can borrow money, so if tenants opt to move to a new landlord, then new investment will be available.

How will it affect tennants?

How will it affect leaseholders?


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