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Estate Steering Group

The Mansford Estate Steering Group is made up of tenants and leaseholders. We represent the estate in negotiations with both the Council and the prospective new landlord or RSL. We have held regular meetings (see transfer timetable and ESG Meeting Minutes) with all parties since the process began. We are united in expecting and creating an estate that is a better place to live.

It's easy to make up slogans, of course. But if you want an explanation of what the Mansford Estate Steering Group is doing it is this: we are working together with the Council and Tower Hamlets Community Housing to get the best possible deal for everyone. Not only tenants and leaseholders but also all the people who provide services to the estate.

Together we will make concrete, specific and achievable promises which will form an offer document which will be put to everyone on the estate. We will also ensure that if you agree to the proposals, they will all happen.

Can I Participate?

All residents of the estate are welcome to come along to meetings, and your comments and points of view are welcomed.

Please remember, though, that you will be coming into a process that has been going on for some time. We respect your feelings of frustration, having had them ourselves, in all likelihood, and we are working at making sure that the same feelings will not be generated in future.

If you have any grouches, or on-going problems that you don't want to persist contribute them to the frorums. There they can be discussed, and you can get answers from all the people directly involved.

Anyone wishing to join the group is also welcome. Approach us at a meeting, or contact us through the site.

Contacting us

Use the our online form to communicate with us in confidence, or use our Forums if you want to share your issue.


Mansford Forums:

Tenants Offer Document
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