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The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

 ODPM was created as a central department in its own right in May 2002. It is responsible for policy on housing, planning, devolution, regional and local government and the fire service. It also takes responsibility for the Social Exclusion Unit, the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit and the Government Offices for the Regions.

The ODPM has a dual role in the Housing Choice process:

  1. It is the Department to which the Housing Corporation is directly accountable
  2. It will be responsible, if tenants vote favourably in the ballot, for evaluating the business plan and offer documents, and, if it find them viable, agreeing to the transfer of the Mansford Estate from LBTH to THCH.

The results of the ballot of leaseholders wil also be communicated to the department, and anyone with major objections to the transfer would need to make them known to the ODM after the ballot.

Contacting ODPM

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

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Tel: 020 7944 4400



Mansford Forums:

Tenants Offer Document
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