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Tower Hamlets Community Housing

What is THCH about?

THCH says:

 Tower Hamlets Community HousingESG says:

The ESG chose THCH as its partner for stage 3 of the Housing Choices Programme following a closely run competition between THCH, Solon CHS and Spitalfields Housing Association.

In our experince THCH does not always present itself terribly well, particularly in writing, whereas they do come across very well in person, and in terms of their actions. So, while we were quite split at the time of selecting them, we feel much happier now that we have been working with them for several months.

THCH was established by LBTH, effectively as a pilot project to ensure that estate transfer could work. As a result it may have inherited many of the more motivated members of the LBTH Housing Department.

The result is that THCH already has experience of stock transfer in Tower Hamlets, and, perhaps more importantly, of large scale regeneration work. Their staff also have had experience of on-going management of social housing in Tower Hamlets, albeit as part of the council's housing department (which was not necessarily a factor commending them to us).   

One of the major factors in their favour was that a number of members of the ESG had lived on the Minerva Estate, which was one of the estates that THCH had already transformed - more or less out of recognition.

Minerva had not been a cherry in LBTHs housing stock, and had been allowed to run down to a disgusting extent, both physically, and in terms of anti social behaviour of some of its residents.

Our fears the THCH appeared rather inflexible were confounded by the discovery that THCH had wanted to demolish Minerva and start again, but had changed their minds because the residents had wanted the estate not demolished but restored to its condition when built.

This is pretty much what they got, though problems which had plagued the buildings from the beginning were resolved, and the work was completed years ahead of time.

Contacting THCH

For issues to do with the estate transfer  email here  

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Telephone: 020 7780 3070

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Tower Hamlets Community Housing

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