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Tower Hamlets Leaseholders' Association

What is THLA?

The THLA is an independent organisation made up of voluntary committee members, who are themselves Tower Hamlets Right to Buy (RTB) Leaseholders, representing the best interests of members, solely accountable to the membership.

The current structure is the direct result of the successful amalgamation, in 1996, of several smaller groups across Tower Hamlets into one joint, united association, with a membership in excess of 1500. The THLA has a formal recognition agreement with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) council, that means we are actively involved in a full consultation process with the council on the whole range of issues that relate to its management of the boroughs leasehold services. It also ensures that when we ask questions, the council is obliged to answer.

What is its role in Housing Choice?

General gadfly and baleful prophecies, as far as one can tell - which are based on their long history of relating to LBTH.

THLA has no direct input into Mansford's Housing Choices process, though the ESG has met with them.

Their website is full of useful information - including a complete lease, which is very different to the one the author has.



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