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ESG Minutes & Actions 2005

Over the past two years, Mansford Estate residents (tenants & leaseholders)have held numerous meetings with Tower Hamlets Council and THCH to negotiate the most favourable offer document for the proposed transfer of the estate.

Residents have been primarily represented by the resident Mansford Estate Steering Group, supported by the residents-appointed independent adviser First Call. Many residents on the estate have attended several meetings and contributed to the decision making process.


 21 June (PDF 18KB)

 14 June (PDF 35KB)

 7 April (PDF 12KB)

 5 April (PDF 24KB)

 15 February (PDF 36KB)

 27 January (PDF 30KB)


Mansford Forums:

Tenants Offer Document
Now available to download

Call Mike or Roman at First Call on 0500 295 999


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