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Richard Bint   John Fielden House

Janet Bint   John Fielden House

Harry Robertson  John Cartwright House

C. Gill    William Channing House

Asha Erickson  St Peters Close

Mike Meir   Gwilym Maries House

Jean Connor   Mullet Gardens

Ethel Hunt   Nelson Gardens

Catherine Tidman  Mullet Gardens

Phyllis Lovett   Mansford Street

Michael Ransome  Mansford Street

Antonio Irranco (Chair) Mansford Street

David Green   Grayling Square

Dolly Mansfield  Grayling Square


Mike Tyrrell   Chief Executive, THCH

Compton Gustave  Senior Community Housing Manager, THCH

Shamim Hossain  Community Development Officer, THCH

Marie Coleman  Technical Project Manager

Jodie Caya   Project Admin Officer, THCH

Julia Farr   LBTH

Mike Tilcock   Independent Resident Advisor, First Call

Roman Gawdiak  Independent Resident Advisor, First Call



All Present+

Peter Exton   Director of Technical Services, THCH

Sharon Standell  Director of Housing, THCH

Derek Young   Director of Finance, THCH

Elaine De Diego  Community Housing Manager, THCH

Liz Ormston   New Partnerships & Initiatives Manager, LBTH

Gloria Prescod  LBTH Consultation Team

David Robinson  Community development, THCH

Winston Walker  IT Manager, THCH

Andy Nelson   Rushmead Local Housing Office, LBTH


Peter Exton - Annual leave; M. Tyrrell will be standing in for him.

David Robinson - Annual leave; S. Hossain will be standing in for him.

Elaine De Diego - Annual leave; C Gustave will be standing in for her.


1 Minutes of the Previous Meeting ACTION  

1.1 The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record. 


2 Matters Arising from the Minutes   

2.1 All the matters arising were to be raised under the relevant item on the agenda.   

2.2 Mike Tyrrell apologised that not everyone had received a set of papers,  but the Council had not provided a list of all ESG members for the mailing because the ESG had not had a chance to agree that LBTH give THCH a list of members. It was therefore formally agreed that THCH should be given a list of ESG members by the Council.  JF  

2.3 PE had agreed to circulate a map of the two estates. CG agreed to send this out in a mailing.  CG


3 Resident Friend Issues   

3.1 The ESG chose First Call as their Independent Resident Advisor. Mike Tilcock and Roman Gawdiak, of First Call, explained what they do and how they have worked successfully in the past on various estates; such as Crossways HA and Wapping ESG. Mike Tilcock suggested that should any of the ESG members be dubious, they should visit some of the previous estates that First Call had worked with. Mike then handed out some information regarding their company, which THCH agreed to distribute to all the ESG members.    

3.2 The ESG agreed that the Chair would agree with First Call some meeting dates without THCH present. AI


4 Tripartite Agreement   

4.1 Julia Farr of LBTH handed out the Tripartite Agreement, which was agreed by the ESG and signed by; Mike Tyrrell of THCH, Mike Tilcock of First Call and the Chair of Mansford ESG, Antonio Irranco. 


5 Agreement of proposed Consultation Timetable   

5.1 The revised timetable was distributed along with the agenda and the other documents relating to the meeting. MT of THCH confirmed that as there were concerns regarding the ability to cover both the Internal & External issues in just one meeting that we would, again, change the dates of several of the upcoming meetings, which was agreed by the ESG. After a number of changes to the proposed consultation timetable, the timetable was agreed as follows: 


Thursday 5th August 2004

New Tenancy Agreements & Housing Management Issues


Thursday 19th August 2004

Community Development and

Resident Involvement & Youth Work


Thursday 9th September 2004Thursday 16th September 2004

No Meeting - THCH Annual General Meeting to which all Mansford ESG members will be invited and welcomed


Thursday 23rd September 2004Thursday 14th October 2004

Leaseholder Issues


October 2004

Consultation Events & Show Flat for all Residents


Thursday 4th November 2004

Consultation Events & Show Flat Feedback


Thursday 18th November 2004

Draft Offer Document & Business Plan


Thursday 2nd December 2004

No Meeting

THCH Board Meeting Considers Draft Business Plan


Thursday 20th January 2005

Outstanding issues & Concerns


February & March 2005

Formal LBTH Consultation & Ballot


30th September 20056 THCH Paper on Introduction & Governance   7 Showflat Programme   

7.1 MT circulated a paper on the possible timetable for the Show Flat, which THCH hope to commence work on 20th September 2004 and the proposed deadline for the opening of the show flat is on 11th October 2004. As there have been no one-bedroom flats that have become available on Mansford Estate, THCH have requested that the Council allow THCH to use this space for our Show Flat, as well as consulting with all other users of the centre.   

7.2 THCH wrote to Jeff Beven regarding the proposed refurbishment of the centre and whom we would need to contact in order for this to happen. MT said that this would be a perfect example of what THCH can achieve in terms of refurbishment, as the centre already needs several major repairs.     


8 Any Other Business   9 Date and Time of Next Meeting  

7pm on Thursday 5th August 2004 


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