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Independent Guide to the Offer Document

In July 2004 FIRST Call was selected by the Mansford Estate Steering Group (ESG) to act as our independent adviser. They have supported residents in their negotiations with the council and  Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH), to ensure we got a good deal for the estate.

They have produced this bi-lingual (English and Bengali) guide to the formal 53 page blue 'Offer Document' that was recently distributed to all tenants on the estate. It provides a succinct summary of all key points in the proposed transfer.

Contacting FIRST Call

If you would like someone from FIRST Call to come and visit you at home to talk about the proposed transfer, or if you have any questions, you can call them FREE on 0500 295 999. Please ask for Mike Tilcock or Roman Gawdiak.

What FIRST Call have done for Mansford residents:

  • Held outreach sessions and engaged with residents to inform them about the transfer proposals
  • Produced briefing notes on important issues and attended all ESG consultation meetings.
  • Attended designe meetings and open seesions were the focus was on the proposed works.
  • Produced newsletters to keep residents updated.
  • Produced this independent guide to the formal Offer Document
  • Supported residents (via the ESG) in their negotiations with the council and THCH


Click to download the FIRST Call's Independent guide to the Offer dcoument for Mansford Estate. (2MB)


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