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Proposal to Tenants: Offer Document

This is the 53 page blue 'Offer Document' that was recently (Aug 05)distributed to all tenants on the estate.

This document details Tower Hamlets Council's proposal to tenants for the regeneration and transfer of the estate to Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH).

The document is the result of almost two years of meetings between the council, THCH and residents of the estate. Minutes of all meetings are available.

(See also FIRST Call's Independent Guide to this Offer Document)

The document is in nine sections:

  • The vision for Mansford Estate
  • London Borough of Tower Hamlets' transfer proposal
  • The regeneration of the estate
  • Your rents and other charges
  • About your proposed new landlord, Tower Hamlets Community Housing
  • How your homes would be managed
  • Getting more information
  • Legal notice


Click to download the Council's Tenant offer dcoument for Mansford Estate.


Independent Guide to the Offer Document
Now available to download

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