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The Offer Document

What is an Offer Document?

Mike Tilcock (FIRST Call) writes:

An Offer Document is issued by the Council and is a legal and binding document to tenants outlining its proposals for the future ownership, refurbishment and management of your estate, in this case Mansford Estate.

The Offer Document will be produced by a process of detailed discussion & negotiation between Mansford Residents (via the Estate Steering Group), Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH), The London Borough of Tower Hamlets (The Council) and the Independent Residents´ Advisor (First Call).

An Offer Document normally goes through a number of draft stages, where legal experts from The Council and RSL rework and refine it so that it is clear and unambiguous.

During the negotiation process there is regular consultation with residents and a variety of consultation events where Mansford residents can express their views. For Mansford residents there are plans for a two-week intensive consultation exercise commencing Monday 15th November.

What does it contain?

Offer Documents normally follow an agreed format. The Mansford version is likely to have sections as follows:

Section 1: The Vision for Mansford Estate

Section 2: London Borough of Tower Hamlets´ Transfer Proposal

Section 3: The Regeneration of the Estate

Section 4: Your Rents and other Charges

Section 5: About your proposed new landlord Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH)

Section 6: How your homes would be managed

Section 7: Your Rights after Transfer

Section 8: Getting more Information

Section 9: Legal Notice

The proposed new Tenancy agreement would be included as a separate document.

A separate Leaseholder Offer Document is normally produced. This would include details of communal works and details of any potential re-charges that leaseholders might face.

F.I.R.S.T. CALL your Independent Residents´ Advisor will produce a "Guide to The Offer" to help residents to understand the Offer Document.

The ESG says:

The offer document is the place where we can negotiate most successfully. Once the business plan is available, and we know the amounts and apportionment of expenditure, we can deal with all the issues which don't cost as such.

It's no more exensive to run an efficient caetaking service than an inefficient one, for example.

The difference is, under the Council we get to take what we're given, whereas with THCH, we have a lot more influence now, and we can make sure that we continue to do so in the future.

The key points on which we will be negotiating are:

  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Scope of refurbishment both inside your flat and outside in the estate
  • Overcrowding
  • Compensation, home loss, disturbance allowances if residents have to move
  • Local decision making in the future
  • Future maintenance and caretaking
  • Housing management
  • Tenant Participation
  • Leaseholder charges and methods of payment
  • Any additional services that we might think it worth paying for.

See examples of offer documents.

Can I contribute?

Yes. You are welcome to attend any meeting at which the Offer Document is discussed, including meetings of the THCH board. See timetable of meetings. You can also bring up any issues in the forums on the site. We have some sample offer documents here that you can look at, and as soon as there is a draft of the offer document it will be displayed here in such a way that you can comment on any part of it.


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