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Ballot of Tenants

The ballot of tenants takes place after the distribution of the offer documents and independent guides to these to tenants and leaseholders.

The date has yet to be confirmed, and will depend to some extent on the amount of work put into the Offer Document to get it right (make sure you have your say)

LBTH Says:

The ballot is serviced by the Electoral Reform Society.

The council commissions the ballot and stipulates the dates, with advice from ERS as to the appropriate time period this also has to be sanctioned by the ODPM who are informed of the finer details of each ballot.

The method of balloting whether it be postal, telephone polling day(s) or door to door collection are discussed with the ERS, RSLs and ESGs.

The rules are now that the majority of tenants who cast a vote will decided on the out come. There is no longer a need for a 50% turn out, even though that is desirable, a simple majority of tenants voting is all that is required.

Leaseholders have a vote but the outcome will not influence the final decision.

The ODPM have issued a stock transfer guidance that refers the ballot on page 68:

"A ballot of Tenants"

We consider that a simple majority of those voting in favour being sufficient to indicate tenant support for transfer. The stage 1 and stage 2 notices should give an indication of the likely timing of the ballot and explain the mandate from tenants required by the authority to proceed with its proposals which should bind the authority's future action.

ESG note: This is not the same as Stage 1 and 2 of LBTH Housing Choices.

The ballot paper should be delivered to each tenant under separate cover from any consultation material. During the ballot period, an authority should generally refrain from issuing any further material about the proposed transfer. there may be instances where the authority considers it reasonable to clarify certain aspects, for example where a tenants organisation or anti transfer group has made inaccurate claims about the process and an authority may wish to issue a statement which addresses the points made. It should not, however raise any new issue.

We believe it to be acceptable that any show homes remain open during the ballot period.

The authority should inform the DHD policy adviser and programme administrator, Sally Hunt, CHTF adviser and the Housing corporation STRU of the result of the ballot as soon as it is known. If the majority is in favour, and the authority decides to proceed with the transfer, formal notification of the results will be required in support of the consent application.

ESG Note: More bloody abbreviations. We suppose they mean something to someone.


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