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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are other boroughs in the same position as Tower Hamlets?
  2. Does Housing Choice mean the privatisation of council housing in Tower Hamlets?
  3. How many rented council homes are lost each year through the right to buy?
  4. How much money is needed to repair and improving council housing?
  5. How will residents get to say whether their estate transfers to a new landlord or not?
  6. How will the council stop outside organisations coming in and picking off all the best stock, leaving the council with all the problems?
  7. If the council has sold off lots of council homes, why can't it reduce its costs to match?
  8. Some areas of the borough have been given large amount of government money to repairs and regeneration. Why can't the council apply for similar funding across the borough?
  9. What Can THCH afford to do?
  10. What is an Offer Document?
  11. What is happening during Stage 2?
  12. What is THCH about?
  13. What was the result of the Stage 1 referendum?
  14. What will happen if the estate decides that it is not interested in choosing an registered social landlord partner to work with?
  15. What will happen to peopležs legal rights as tenants if they move to a new landlord?
  16. What would happen to the council's housing staff if tenants vote for a change of landlord?
  17. When will the Housing Choice consultation finish?
  18. Who are F.I.R.S.T CALL?
  19. Why can't the council just borrow the money necessary to repair and modernise its estates in the same way that other social landlords can?
  20. Why doesn't the council just give the properties to the tenants instead transferring to an register social landlord?
  21. Why don't leaseholders get a vote?
  22. Why is the council consulting residents?
  23. Why is the Council in this position with its housing budget?
  24. Will rents will go up much faster if the stock is transferred than if it is retained by the council?

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