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Chargeable and Non-Chargeable Costs

THCH and other potential RSL partners have been in negotiation with LBTH regarding which parts of regeneration costs can be charged to leaseholders, and which not.

Below is the current (Oct 2004) position, which msy be subject to change.

Generally, any replacement or renewal is chargeable, and anything new is not chargeable.


All Leaseholders to be charged

  • Asbestos removal from common areas
  • Automatic smoke ventilation Repairs/Renewal
  • Chute Repairs
  • Communal and External Decorating
  • Communal Area Repairs
  • Communal CCTV Repairs/Renewal
  • Communal Electric Repairs/Renewal
  • Communal Heating Repairs/Renewal/Upgrade
  • Communal TV Provision/Repairs/Renewal
  • Entryphone Provision/Repairs/Renewal
  • Estate Repairs/Renewal including:
    • Boundary Walls
    • Courtyards
    • Drainage
    • Estate Roads
    • Fences
    • Footpaths
    • Gates
    • Lighting
    • Playgrounds
  • Lift Repairs/Renewal
  • Lightening Protector Repairs/Renewal
  • Roof Repairs/Renewal
  • Structural repairs
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Water Services Repairs/Renewal
  • Wet and Dry Riser Repairs/Renewal
  • Window Repairs/Renewal


No Leaseholder Charges

  • Additional block / Estate Lighting
  • Car Park Repairs
  • Repairs
  • Creation of new entrance lobbies / canopies
  • Disconnection from Communal Heating System (subject to individual lease)
  • Enlarging Chute Chambers
  • Enlarging Chutes
  • Entrance Re-Orientation
  • Garage Repairs, except where part of the lease.
  • Internal works to tenanted homes e.g. new kitchens/bathrooms/WCs
  • Knockthroughs to create larger homes for tenants
  • Lift Enlargement
  • Local Housing Office/depot provision/repairs
  • New Block and Estate CCTV provision
  • New Build infills
  • New Concierge Station Provision
  • New installation of Boundary Walls/Fences
  • New lift installations
  • New signage
  • New stair tower installations
  • Provision of new Community Buildings
  • Secondary Entryphone System Provision
  • Underground Refuse System provision
  • Works to achieve block separation

Before any vote to transfer to THCH, they will let you know the total cost of proposed works to your block, and how much you will pay based on the list of works above.


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