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Fourth Draft


The business plan alone cannot generate sufficient funding to carry out all of the proposed works, particularly those that cannot be recharged. THCH has therefore agreed with the Estate Steering Group that it would investigate the potential for cross subsidising the business plan from new build within the estate.

The following potential new build sites on Mansford Estate are therefore proposed:

  • Rushmead (Housing Office and Car Park site); 9 x four bedroomed, three storey houses, plus a block on the corner of Rushmead and Florida Street with two floors of office space (or possibly space for an Ideas Store) totaling 800 sq.m gross and seven floors over with four flats per floor totaling 28 x two bedroomed flats. This proposal could maintain the access to the rear of the shops below Waring House.
  • Wear Place/Canrobert Street; 2 x four bedroomed, three storey houses.
  • Blythe Street (Car Park); there is potential for only a very small number of homes, which have not yet been added to the calculations.
  • Pollard Street Garages; a four storey block of four flats per floor, totaling 16 x two bedroomed flats.
  • Corner of Mansford Street and Old Bethnal Green Road; a block of fifteen storeys with five homes (2 x two bedroomed flats and 3 x one bedroomed flats per floor. There is potential for community use on the ground floor. A total of 28 x two bedroomed flats and 37 x one bedroomed flats is proposed.

The potential new build on these sites will be subject to a full planning application and approval, which will be sought at the same time as this offer document so that any risk of not being able to carry out works will be known prior to any transfer.

First Draft


Depending upon the outcome of the business plan meeting and the new build ?brainstorming´ session, a paragraph will be added here that identifies the level of proposed new build on the identified sites, required to cross subsidise the proposed works programme.

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