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Problems and Solutions

The problemThe solution

  • Redesign the spaces around the people and not the car.
  • Close off poor quality and unnecessary alleyways.
  • Make essential routes inviting spaces which are clearly marked and well-lit.
  • Undertake new front and rear wall treatments which incorporate a combination of solid walls, railings, planting and lighting.
  • Advise on heights of enclosures to balance need for privacy in private gardens with need for surveillance of public areas.
  • Formulate a strategic kit of parts which can be adapted for each space providing variety and character to spaces.
  • Reorganise and thin out car parking layouts so that these spaces are more pedestrian-friendly, and incorporate new planting and surfacing.



By addressing a number of issues we believe a series of high quality, inviting, well-linked and safer public spaces can be made, each with it's own character, but identifiable as part of a greater whole. This can help bring life and vitality back to street-level and foster a sense of pride for the estate.




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