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Section 3A: Leaseholder Charges and how they are arrived at


Leaseholders will have to pay contributions towards the cost of the proposed renovations and regeneration. These are technically known as recharges.

For some leaseholders these may be very large.

Your lease states to what extent you may have to pay towards the cost of repairs and improvements to your block and the estate.


THCH is committed to working with all leaseholders on the Mansford Estate to ensure that a full range of options for payment are available. A number of options will be developed to help leaseholders meet their share of the major works costs. These options will include payment by instalment, low interest loans and deferred payment via a charge on the property

Where leaseholders could be affected by the improvement programme set out in this document, consultations will take place with every individual leaseholder on the options available to them.

1.2 Ways in which your contributions might be reduced

1.2.1 The contribution you would be required to make may vary depending on your personal circumstances:

  • When the property was purchased
  • The information given at the time of purchase
  • when the works are done
  • The terms of your lease
  • Whether you are the original right-to-buy purchaser


1.2.2 and also depending on the nature of the works that are carried out:

  • Within the policy there are types of works which will be recharged to leaseholders and types which cannot be recharged.


1.3 Conditions under which your contribution may be limited according to your personal circumstances

  • You are the original Right to Buy purchaser.
  • The property is your only or principal home and you live there full time.
  • You do not have any [disputed] service charge arrears with THCH.
  • The works were not specified on your Section 125 Offer Notice, which you received before you bought your home.
  • You are in receipt of a state pension or means tested state benefit or are able to demonstrate exceptional financial hardship.

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