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Section 7: More Information

Copies of the following are available from the Council on Freephone 0800 783 6845 on request:

  • Charter for Housing Association residents and applicants.
  • A list of Councillors with addresses.

If you need any further information or have any queries or are unsure about anything you can contact:

  • FIRST CALL, your independent adviser, on Freephone 0500 295 999 or post by writing to First Call, Prospect House, 2 Prince Georges Road, London SW19 2PX, or by Email at mansford@first-call-housing.com
  • Compton Gustave at THCH on 020 7780 3092

You can also seek advice from:

  • Your Ward Councillor
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • A Solicitor (although you may have to pay for this advice)

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