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Welcome to our website.

We are making a stand for an estate that works for everyone.

Not quite what you may have come to expect under Council management.

"Housing Choice" is the process in which residents of Mansford Estate have an opportunity to decide who owns their estate, how it will be managed in future, and whether it will have a major upgrade.

Important issues for us all.

The site is designed to support and give a platform to everyone who is involved so as to produce the best possible solution for our future.

It is produced and managed by the Estate Steering Group - committed tenants and leaseholders, all of whom live on the estate. The ESG is at the centre of the Housing Choice process, and in a position to influence the outcome substantially.

We want to involve all residents in the decision making process. The site aims to be highly informative, independent, and also interactive, allowing all residents a public forum in which to publish their own point of view.

It is also a convenient way to communicate privately with all parties.

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Tenants Offer Document
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Independent Guide to the Offer Document
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