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Transfer Timetable

Draft Offer Document & Business Plan , Nelson Gdns OAP Club, Zander Court, London E2 - 25-11-04

25th November 2004 Agenda | Sample Offer Document

Mansford Estate Steering Group

Thursday 25th November 2004

I write to invite you to the next estate steering group meeting at 7pm on Thursday 25th November 2004.The meeting will be held in the Nelson Gardens Pensioners Clubroom, 50 Zander Court, E2.

1) Apologies.

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting.

3) Matters arising.

4) Training on Offer Document (By First Call).

5) Consultation Feedback.

6) Draft Offer Document. (To Follow)

7) Draft Business Plan. (To Follow)

8) Any Other Business.

9) Date of Next Meeting.


Supporting documents (which may appear also elsewhere on the site) are gathered together under each heading. You can access them by clicking on the header for each event

This provides a very convenient way of finding the background reading for each topic. 


Mansford Forums:

Tenants Offer Document
Now available to download

Call Mike or Roman at First Call on 0500 295 999




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