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Author: richard reynolds
Posted: 03 Jan 2005 - 12:56 PM
Subject: Security proposals for Charles Dickens House
The information regarding works to take place on Charles Dickens House are dissapointing.
Although security is mentioned as a top priority, the propsals by the architects only talk of superficial improvements to the surrounding area and do not address the main concerns of tenants and leaseholders.
Charles Dickens House is in desparate need of effective measures to improve security.
The security measures needed should be substantialy better than a glazed entrance to the lifts.
The anti-social behaviour that goes on, around and within the block needs to be tackled with much more concrete measures. Concierge services or double gating are the only way to improve the situation.
Non-tenants who get into the block and who vandalise the interior, drug take and deal drugs in the stair well, cause noise and nuisance on the landings will not be detered by a glazed entrance.
This also includes the lift that is constantly in a disgusting state and used as a toilet and a bin.
The views aired at the consultation meetings do not seem to have been taken into account, the future for Charles Dickens House must be security based and then the visual look of the area must come second to this.
Total Posts: 1 - Pages (1): [1]
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